Nativ Snowboards give us the frozen surf

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 21, 2010 11:43 am


For all you surfer’s out there who are equally as excited to hit frozen waves. Or even the already snow rippers who want a ride that is smooth and fluid, the boys of Nativ snowboards have made a ride for you. California niche snowboard company, Nativ, has developed a ‘Snowsurf’ that allows you to do just that. As the slogan reads “Products for a Boardriding Culture,” this small company is based around the idea of designing everything us boarder’s love to do.

Owner’s and brothers, Nick and Nate, set out to create a board that will combine their love for surfing and skateboarding on the mountain. Growing up in the Pacific Palisades of California the boys had the opportunity of surfing the point break at Malibu while skating the local parks and streets everyday. When they moved to snowboarding, they felt they could not leave their roots behind and thus came Nativ.

Nativ is not your average snowboard and when you first look at one you might be thoroughly confused. Nativ boards are an innovative new snowboard design that allows the mountain rider to perform maneuvers similar to those in surfing and skateboarding. According to the boys, “Much of the board’s unique feel is derived from its shortened tail – which allows the rider to maneuver off of the back foot emulating the back-footed pivoting motion used” in these two sports.

To me, the board looks similar to the first snowboards about twenty years back or the Burton Fish in shape. The nose is widened to allow for powder float and the tail is very short allowing for the perfect “sweet-spot” manual. The entire board looks like a spoon and rides the powder just like creamy clam chowder!


Perhaps the most unique feature of the board is the size. The average rider uses a 136 cm and many of the boards are even smaller. I rode the 136 cm and felt a bit funny with such a small board at first. Although, once I started riding I felt perfectly stable and was loving the easy mobility. I must admit that having no tail was far less forgiving and that dropping cliffs or hitting tables was not really where you wanted to roll with this board. Although I did hit the rails and boxes in the park and enjoyed my new found freedom.

After a full day of riding, I saw the boys vision. You start looking at the mountain in a completely different way. Every run is filled with hips and frozen waves just waiting for a nasty carve or switchback. I no longer jumped around like a jibber and started to develop the smooth motion and fluidity of a surfer. My stance changed and my weight transfer became much smoother.  It was just like the co-owner and website designer, Jeff Gerlach, described on their site in that “the unique design offers a much more stylish and flow oriented ride, most noticeable on large wavelike snow banks, the half-pipe, and steep slopes.”

Snow’s Up Dude. Make sure to try a Nativ ride the next time you are looking to bring your board skills to the snow. It’s a unique ride that you won’t be disappointed by.

Upcoming interview with owner’s Nick and Nate to come.

Article by Jenna Hannon