Icelantic Skier, Jaron Stadler, is interviewed by The Ski Channel’s Jibstyle Jenna

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 22, 2010 9:13 am

I am not tired of talking about powder and I am even less tired of talking about the skis that float it best; Icelantic. I had the pleasure of meeting Organic Colorado grown Icelantic team Skier, Jaron Stadler, last spring in Mammoth and it gave me exactly the right interpretation of this company. They are individual’s to say the least.

Jaron showed up at our team house (USC ski/snowboard team) with fellow Forefront rider Will Burman and Colorado snowboard buddy, Keith D’Angelo for another blue bird weekend in Mammoth, which happened to be his birthday. Jaron arrived about 12 beers deep and had no sign of stopping soon. It was a scene to say the least, but 12 beers or no beers, Jaron is the same happy go lucky guy who loves nothing more than to send it!

The entire weekend I spent with him quickly taught me that Jaron should be part of my full time entourage, as his excitement and pure stoke to ski is unmatchable. He woke up every morning at 7 am with a smile and shot straight to to see what trick he was going to try that day.

Perhaps my most favorite part of my Jaron infused weekend was our rendition of First Time Fridays. Let’s just say there was some breakfast champagne and a stomped switch back for Jaron on first attempt.

Jaron rides his Icelantic Da’nollies like no other Icelantic skier on the team and that is exactly what they want. Icelantic is all about being an individual and riding your skis hard no matter where you take them. I checked back in with Jaron to see just how his Icelantic journey was going in his new home of Tahoe for the season.

How is the new digs in Nor Cal?

Its super fun!! Its been snowin like crazy so lots of pow for sure!! And the parks aren’t bad either!!

How does it compare to your homeland of Colorado?

The parks just are not the same..not as big…but the mountains are really fun so I cant complain. I still ski everyday so life is good!!

What have you been working on this season?

I’ve just been doin everything I can! Trying really hard to film n stuff like that!

Whats next for First Time Fridays when I see you in mammoth next?

I guess well have to wait an see???!!

Which team rider’s have been influencing you this season?


There’s so many influential skiers out there now a days its reall

y hard to just pick one! It just really depends on style, in my eyes! It’s all bout makin everything look good right!??!

Give us the run down of the Icelantic ski line-up this year?

There are five different models in the 09′-10′ line. They are all based on the five sense’s, sight, smell, etc. There are the Nomad’s, Shaman’s, Da’Nollie, Pilgrim’s, and the Scout’s. Between the five models there is a ski for everything/everyone! And rumor has it that theres a rocker ski comin out for next year!

What are you riding? Skis? Boots? Bindings?

Well when im riding in the park or when theres no powder im always on my Danollies. Then in the pow I’m on my Nomad sft. My boots are the classic salomon spk and my bindings are a wide variety of Look bindings from the 90s. I’m pretty sure those are the best tho!

What is the formula for riding like Jaron?

Ummm, just do what feels good! Try to make it look dope and try new things that u dont really see other people doin! It’s all bout bein unique n switchin it up sometimes, doin ur own thang!

It looks like we have a lot to look forward to from Jaron. Keep rockin’ and we look forward to this season’s First Time Fridays!