Team Germany again wins the Nordic Combined World Cup team competition

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 24, 2010 11:07 am

SCHONACH (GER), 24 January 2010 – Like last year, Team Germany won the DKB FIS Nordic Combined World Cup team competition in Schonach today.

Germany, (coached by Hermann Weinbuch) was in front already after the jumping portion. During the Cross-Country race, Georg Hettich lost just five seconds against Sebastien Lacroix. Eric Frenzel broke away from Maxime Laheurte by 28 seconds. Bjoern Kircheisen improved the margin up to 1:07 minutes against Jonathan Felisaz. and Tino Edelmann did have no problem to keep Jason Lamy Chappuis away.

Austria got third place with their best (Felix Gottwald, Mario Stecher, Christoph Bieler, Bernhard Gruber, David Kreiner) training in Oberstdorf in view of the Olympic Winter Games.

The DKB FIS Nordic Combined World Cup will go on with two individual competitions in Seefeld (AUT) next weekend.

Today’s top three:

1. Germany (Hettich, Frenzel, Kircheisen, Edelmann)     
2. France (Lacroix, Laheurte, Felisaz, Lamy Chappuis)   
3. Austria (Klapfer, Denifl, Pichlmayer, Kammerlander)  

Nation’s Cup Overall Standing:

1. Germany 2278, 2. Austria 2042, 3. France 1565, 4. Norway 1347, 5. USA 1202, 6. Finland 958.

Tino Edelmann, Germany – first

It was just a great day and a great race for us. My team-mates did a tremendous job, I had a nice head start and it was not that difficult for me skiing to victory.

This win is very important, because it was in front of our home crowd and because we defended first place we got last year. In Vancouver, however, things will change. The team competition will be hold on the big hill and not normal hill, and there will be a lot of other strong nations like USA; Norway; Finland; Japan.

Jason Lamy Chappuis, France – second

Second place is good for our team, even tough we were pretty distant from Germany. But it was important to achieve a podium place; we are starting to bulding up something important in view of the Olympics.
Tobias Kammerlander, Austria – third
It is the first World Cup podium place in my career, and it is just great. I was not that good in the jumping, but then I entered the cross-country race thinking: no risk, no fun. I was able to match Chappuis’ speed for quite a long time. This was the key to get third place.