US Olympic Snowboarding Team spots unveiled with few surprises

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 25, 2010 7:17 pm

After months of heated competition on the USSA Grand Prix circuit, the US Olympic Snowboarding team has finally been determined going into next months Olympic festivities to be held in Vancouver.

Last night, the initial three spots for both men and women were announced following the last Grand Prix contest in Park City, UT. The results weren’t exactly shocking, as many of the team members are repeat Olympians.

For the ladies, it was an exact repeat of four years ago as Kelly Clark, Hannah Teter, and Gretchen Bleiler took the top three positions.

On the men’s side, 2006 Olympic Champion Shaun White was joined by Louie Vito and Scotty Lago.

However, the team still had two additional spots to be named today, with one going to the men and the other to the ladies. Tahoe phenom Elena Hight was deservedly selected for the team today, as she had accumulated nearly 50 more points then the next closest female. The real challenge for the coaches laid in breaking the nasty three-way tie held between Luke Mitrani, Greg Bretz, and JJ Thomas.

While all three riders featured their own strong points, in the end the panel determined Mammoth Mountain local Greg Bretz would be best suited to help the US Olympic Team. At only 18 years old, Bretz has a chance to snag a medal while still being just a teenager. Good luck Greg, you definitely will have the town of Mammoth supporting you.

2010 US Olympic Women’s Halfpipe Snowboard Team:

Kelly Clark
Gretchen Bleiler
Hannah Teter
Elena Hight

2010 US Olympic Men’s Halfpipe Snowboard Team:

Shaun White
Louie Vito
Scotty Lago
Greg Bretz