Indoor Jibbing Training Facility, The JibYard. Still awesome even when there is real snow on the ground.

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 26, 2010 1:48 pm

Whether you just finished watching Line ski’s Traveling Circus or it’s after 4 pm and you are still jonesing to jib, damn there is a place for you. Ladies and gentlemen jibbers, I give you the Jibyard.


Ya ya, it is old news. Utah’s first ski and snowboard training facility open to the public, to me, never gets old. Friday night; You could pay cover at ‘Pout ‘ OR you can pay the same $20 and jib all day and night. Open from 9 am to 10 pm Sunday through Thursday and 9 am to midnight Friday and Saturday.

Well, you may be asking, how do you build an indoor jib park and why would you need that in the winter? The park is built usinghere rollers to lead to the jumps and rails. The rollers make for a consistent run in every single time. You never have to worry about snow conditions or speed. Unlike snow or carpet, run ins you will always be traveling at the same speed every hit. Therefore you have nothing to think about but the trick. The park also contains a foam pit making for a soft landing when attemtping your major spins and inverts.


The park has been open since June 6, 2009 been the newest breeding ground of fun and talent. If you want to be a pro or want a friend that is a pro this is the place to be. Or if you just need one more reason not to do drugs or to keep or kids off drugs; the jibyard folks!

Article by Jenna Hannon