Despite horrific crash, Simon Dumont will compete at Winter X Games

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 27, 2010 7:38 pm

Simon Dumont continues to show us just how tough he really is, as despite suffering a horrific fall (happens at 4:15 in the video above) during Tuesday’s superpipe practice session, the Bethel, ME native plans to compete in all his previously qualified Winter X competitions.

After boosting a massive double flair nearly 20 feet out, Dumont didn’t quite adjust his rotation perfectly as he violently crashed into the deck of the behemoth 22-foot pipe and rag-dolled down to the flat bottom.

Dumont was knocked out cold for over 10 minutes. After a few moments he was somehow able to revive himself enough to ski to the bottom of the pipe where he was taken to the hospital for examination. After several tests including a CAT scan, Dumont has been cleared to ski by medical staff.

The skiing superstar has a laundry list of events he is currently scheduled for including Friday’s Big Air, Saturday’s SuperPipe, and Sunday’s SuperPipe High Air. He is also an alternate in Saturday’s Slopestyle.

It should really come as no surprise that Dumont will still compete at Winter X for those who have followed his lengthy ski career. Let’s not forget the man almost died in Park City after overshooting a kicker by over 100 feet.

Check out the video of Dumont’s old crash from 2007:

Not even a broken pelvis, ruptured spleen, and a list of other injuries could derail Simon for long. Be sure to stay tuned to Simon’s recovery by watching Winter X starting tomorrow on ESPN and ESPN2.