Take advantage of ski free days

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 27, 2010 8:20 am

Hey Toyota owners, if your car isn’t being recalled, then listen up. From skinwrockies.com: “The DRIVER of any TOYOTA who comes to the designated Ski the NW Rockies ski area on the designated day will receive a FREE lift ticket VALID FOR THAT DAY ONLY . No vouchers or passes are required.  Just drive your Toyota to the mountain on that day. 

THE CUSTOMER MUST BE DRIVING A TOYOTA OR SCION (Toyota’s youth division) to get the free lift ticket. Showing keys, registrations, or telling us you really have a Toyota at home DOES NOT WORK.   Toyota representitives will be in the parking lot at each resort for each event under a Toyota tent.  When the customer arrives in in thier Toyota they receive a free lift ticket for that day.  It’s that simple.

If muliple people show up in a Toyota and they all show proof of ownership, ONLY THE DRIVER OF THE TOYOTA THAT IS THERE WILL RECEIVE THE FREE LIFT TICKET.”

The remaining ski free days are:
January 29th at Schweitzer Mountain
February 5th at Mt. Spokane
February 19th at Lookout Pass
February 26th at 49 Degrees North