Winter X Games 14 Girl Skier Superpipe Elimination results

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 27, 2010 7:18 pm

Tonight the action got under way at Winter X Games Superpipe as the ladies took to the beloved “stunt ditch” to determine the top six girls heading to the finals on Friday night. As I mentioned previously, the girls are finally going to have some live television bestowed on their Winter X Games event this year, so the stakes were even higher tonight.

Top qualifier Megan Gunning

Megan Gunning would lay down the run of her blossoming career as she landed a grabbed 900 that had even the boys drooling with its style. After tonight, its clear we have established another serious contender capable of derailing Sarah Burke and her attempt to become the first skier to four-peat at Winter X Games.

Speaking of the top Canadian blonde bombshell, Sarah Burke would have to use her second and final run to sneak her way into finals. After struggling in her first run, Burke would step it up and drop the cork 9 first hit en route to securing her spot in the finals.

If tonight’s elimination round was any indication, it would be wise to check out the televised finals as the women are sure to be upping the ante with even bigger amplitude and bigger spins.

Top 6 Advancing to Finals

1. Megan Gunning
2. Jen Hudak
3. Roz Groenewoud
4. Anais Caradeux
5. Mirjam Jaeger
6. Sarah Burke