X Games Ski Slopestyle practice: Bobby Brown lands first documented switch double misty

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 27, 2010 6:47 pm

X Games Skier Slopestyle continued on with the second day of practice today, and it appears the athletes are growing more and more comfortable with the course.

Yesterday we brought you video of skiers TJ Schiller and Sammy Carlson beginning to figure out their lines, and gauge the speed for the monstrous new kickers. After checking out practice today its safe to say the two have stepped their game up, along with the entire competitve field.

The notables looked to be on their game as guys like Wallisch, Hatveit, and Schiller all seemed to be extra polished with their arsenal of tricks.

However, the surprise of the day had to be the emergence of a fresh, new double flip compliments of teen heartthrob Bobby Brown. Brown, a long-time fan of the switch misty has elevated his skills to include an additional flip to the already difficult maneuver. Yes, a switch double misty (fast forward to 2:07 if you can’t wait). While it’s not known how the judges will potentially score the new trick, if Brown can at least toss a grab in the trick I believe it may be the trick to beat.

Check out the video of all today’s actions:

X Games slope practice day 2 from Jacob Wester on Vimeo.