Swedish skier Jon Olsson invents another new double flip entitled the ‘Tornado’

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 28, 2010 6:06 pm

Jon Olsson has invented a plethora of double flips (two separate flips during one air) that are currently thrown in freestyle skiing competition. While Jon is best known for inventing the ‘kangaroo’ flip a.k.a. a double flatspin 900, he could further solidify his mark on the ski world with what he is calling the ‘tornado’ flip.

The fact Jon has added another trick to his always growing repertoire isn’t so surprising, but the timing of the new maneuver is the more shocking part. As many readers are already aware, Jon Olsson is currently training for a bid to make the 2014 Swedish Olympic Ski Team in hopes of competing for a Giant Slalom title. Olsson has made it very clear he still intends to maintain a pro career in freestyle skiing, but has taken a noticeable absence in many of his previous contests.

Now, after watching this video, it’s very clear that even when you take the skier out of the park, you can’t take the park out of the skier as this latest move has once again shaken up the ski world.

Called the ‘tornado’ flip, the trick is a combination between a switch cork 630 followed by a rodeo 630. Frankly it’s unlike any trick currently out there. Take a look at the video for yourself:


The Tornado from Jon Olsson Video Blog on Vimeo.

Jon, despite his ridiculous alpine training schedule, will compete at Winter X Games 14 in the Big Air event tomorrow provided he changes his mind about the jump setup. The Swedish ski star has long been a critic of Winter X Games jumps, even going so far as to offer to build the jumps, for free. After being snubbed after offering up his pro bono jump work, the man has a legitimate bone to pick with course creators after scoping out the final product.


Not sure if this X Games Big Air jump is going to work

The Big Air jump is currently the same as one of the bottom jumps in the Skier-X/Boarder-X course and has a nearly flat take off before the skier has to clear a 90 foot gap. Not exactly the best jump for launching a never-before-seen double flip. Time will tell whether it will be seen in Aspen, let alone if Jon will decide to compete at all.