The Ski Channel from the Snow Show (SIA) in Denver Official DAY ONE

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 28, 2010 7:59 am

You’re back with Jibstyle Jenna and it’s early. But I am here at the convention center in Denver standing on the Ski Channel stage waiting for action.

My cameraman, Winston (the sleeper from yesterday) and I had the pleasure of hitting the Marriott Concierge breakfast. If you are like me and have never heard of this life luxury, it is a common suite for the three concierge floors that offers executive chefs, free food, and a constant flow of beverages like it’s flowing beer in Aspen. 

On the concierge floor, Ski Channel snowboarder’s, Winston and I, looked severly out of place. In a sea of suits we sat in beanies, ‘Bad Brains’ and punk t-shirts, and Vans half-cabs. Our “fellow executives” looked estranged and amused by our appearance and love for Fruit loops and Coffemate. Even in the Concierge lounge we seem to go back to our usual ski morning habits!


Too early for clear photos!

After a swift breakfast and a flip through this month’s Transworld we made our way to the SIA convention center. On our way we chatted with a lovely Australian distributor that neither of us understood. Upon arrival we were greeted (more like stood among) an ocean of eager show-goers. Among them were an Elvis impersonator and some dressed up showgirls in which Channel 4 News seemed mesmerized by.

First up, I will be heading straight to the “Smokin‘” snowboards to observe the scene from last night’s booth construction (or should I say booth destruction). When I left them last night they were several PBR’s deep and getting a great bathroom display filled with snowboards going. They gave me a brief outline of the company last night and in their red-faced buzzed glory I was amazed. Magna-traction, reverse cambered boards with the best graphics I have ever seen. If you aren’t on one of these, or haven’t heard of Smokin’ boards you will soon enough.

That’s all for now folks but keeping checking in for more updates from Jibstyle Jenna at the Snow Show.