Vote if the Travelocity gnome should ski in Utah or Lake Tahoe

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 28, 2010 7:41 am

You’ve seen the Travelocity commercials with the garden gnome spokesperson right? He’s this dude:


Anyway, in the spirit of the season, the gnome is debating where to ski this year. Starting this Friday, Facebook friends of the gnome can decide if he should ski in Lake Tahoe or in Utah. This is actually the second pair of rival ski destinations to be put to a vote. The first was between Whistler, Canada and Banff, Canada. Banff came out victorious.

So, where should the gnome go next? Become his Facebook friend and vote on the site. The winning spot will be revealed February 3rd, and then the gnome will promptly go there “to visit friends and locals, pose for pictures and participate in some of the most popular activities and happenings the area has to offer, showing followers what they could also experience on their own ski adventure” (Tahoe Daily Tribune).

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