Winter X Games 14 Mens Skier Slopestyle Elimination Round results

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 28, 2010 3:22 pm

After two days of intense practice sessions, the top male freestyle skiers in the world finally began formal competition today on the Winter X Games slopestyle course held at Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen, CO. Without further adieu, take a look at the list of 8 skiers who will be duking it out Saturday afternoon on one of the gnarliest courses ever crafted for a major slopestyle competition.

Top 8 Skiers Advancing to Slopestyle Finals

1) Andreas Hatveit
2) Bobby Brown
3) Russ Henshaw
4) Sammy Carlson
5) Tom Wallisch
6) Phil Casabon
7) Jossi Wells
8) Matt Walker

After today, it’s clear that certain skiers seem distinctively more polished and comfortable on the course. Going into the qualifiers almost every competitor agreed that Andreas Hatveit, Tom Wallisch, and Bobby Brown were pretty much the ones to watch going into the slopestyle contest. No surprise there, as all three advanced to the final round.

Bobby Brown dropped the first ever switch double misty performed in competition, and found himself in 1st place for a solid chunk of the elimination round. Surprisingly the score wouldn’t hold.

The Norwegian backyard terrain park owner Andreas Hatveit would channel all his private training sessions into dropping the smoothest run of the day allowing him to lock down the top spot. Rightside switch 1080s, switch 1260s, and a double cork 10 would be the winning line to knock Brown down one peg. Based on the judging of Hatveit’s smooth run, along with the high scoring of tricks such as “pretzel” spins, it’s clear the judges are increasingly rewarding style and fluidity more so than previous Winter X Games years. The days of “spin to win” could be numbered as seen through Mike Douglas’ proclamation that a double cork is becoming the industry standard.

Other top performances from notables included Sammy Carlson, who had the smoothest trick of the day on the disaster rainbow rail with his textbook 450 on 270 off. With many of the skiers opting not to hit the high risk feature, Carlson is adding his name to list of top contenders come Saturday afternoon.

Tom Wallisch, Internet-hyped skiing legend, seemed to be slightly off his game today. While his 5th place finish was nothing to slouch at, those who follow the skier religiously could probably notice a few bobbles and lack of “after bang” in his early runs. However, Wallisch did begin to establish a bit more confidence and swagger in his later runs, something that none of the finals competitors will enjoy hearing. Look out for the Pittsburgh native to continue the championship run of his hometown. Winter X Games gold would be a nice addition to the Lombardi and Stanley Cup trophies his city has racked up within the last year.

Complete Results

1 Andreas Hatveit
2 Bobby Brown
3 Russ Henshaw
4 Sammy Carlson
5 Tom Wallisch
6 Phil Casabon
7 Jossi Wells
8 Matt Walker
9 JF Houle
10 Jacob Wester
11 Elias Ambuhl
12 Charles Gagnier
13 Alexis Godbout
14 TJ Schiller
15 PK Hunder
16 Colby West

*top 8 advance to Saturday’s final round