Poorboyz Productions leaks trailer for new movie ‘Revolver’

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 29, 2010 11:15 am

One of the best things about the SIA Convention happening in Denver right now is always the published photos of all the new ski and snowboard gear coming out for the following season. It’s a little teaser for all the sweet gear you’ll see the pros rocking all season long whether its at Winter X Games or in the backcountry filming their latest segments.

Speaking of filming new sections, the master cinemotographers at Poorboyz Productions have thrown a wrench into the normal pattern of ski films as they have dropped a mid-season trailer for their new project “Revolver,” while at SIA.

“Revolver” is the follow-up to the highly touted “Every Day is a Saturday” which featured some of the most innovative skiing in years. In fact, it was so inspiring that two of the movie’s sections tied for the top moment in freestyle skiing last year.

Most of the original cast is back, with the addition of a couple newcomers including the always entertaining Chug Life a.k.a. Ian Cosco and urban slayer LJ Strenio. Should make for an even better movie.

I mean just take a quick look at the amazing trickery of manuevers such as a frontside switchup to misty 450 out off a massive urban concrete ledge.