The Ski Channel at SIA Snow Show in Denver ONGOING DAY TWO

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 29, 2010 9:09 am


We are ten minutes away from our first on-location panel discussion. Sitting on our stage are the top CEOs in the ski industry here to talk about Utah. Joining us is Kevin Kempin, CEO of Head skis, as well as Mike Dowse of Amer Sports (owner of Salomon and Atomic) on the right couch. To the left of our CEO and host for The Ski Channel, Steve Bellamy, we have Nathan Rafferty of Ski Utah and Matthew Godfrey, mayor of Ogdon, Utah. The panel is touching upon the major issues that face the Utah ski industry today and won’t be shy about getting political. Major topics such as tourism, religion, and politics will be discussed in relation to the ski industry and we are prepared for some heated opinions from our panel. Think Barbara Walter’s interviewing Chris Brown but in the ski world.


In other SIA news, I made a morning round to the coffee booth where I ran into Tim, the men’s buyer for (one of the best discount snow apparel and gear websites out there). Tim filled me in on all the Chaos of DJ Z Trip last night including puking, fighting, and some bowl skating sessions. This is what happens when you get the snowboard industry in one room with music and booze.

I also cruised over to check in with Nativ snowsurf boards and Smokin’ snowboards who sit back to back. The boys are set for another day of sales pitches, not so overt beers, and all things snowboarding on their minds. Both innovative brands with unigue concepts, these brands continue to catch my eye. I chatted a bit with Smokin’ about the ‘Buck Ferton’ pro model which is a definite head turner in their booth. I also stopped by Nativ for a quick skate manual before I ran back to the Utah panel to clap the slate.