The Ski Channel at the SIA Snow Show in Denver DAY TWO

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 29, 2010 7:21 am

It’s day two. I know I promised you more updates from yesterday but it got pretty chaotic with the afternoon chili cookout at Celtik Snowboard wear and the whistling, drunkin’ unorthodox athletic event at Volcom. And before I had a chance to sit down I bike cabbed my full bladder to the Salomon showing of Swift, Silent, Deep; The Story of the Jackson Hole Air Force (a remarkable ski documentary and story of the originators of freeride).

This morning is less eventful than yesterday. Still early. My eyes are dry and things are tense as we kick off are full on location set for some hefty ski industry panels. I promise I will keep you updated this time.

But until then, please enjoy this photo of my cameraman, Bradford and I, sporting our newly acquired Wrong Gear terrorist face masks from yesterday.