As snow pummels the mid-South of the country, we’ll tell you where to ski

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 30, 2010 12:26 pm

This past week and coming into this weekend, giant winter storms have been barreling into the mid-Atlantic and Southern United States. Asheville, North Carolina reported 11 inches of snow yesterday, which shatters the previous record of six inches back in 1930.

Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland, South Carolina, Tennessee and Oklahoma have all been hit hard. These states are freezing and covered with white stuff right now. “Ice accumulations of one-quarter to one-half inch are expected,” forecasters said. “Elevated surfaces such as trees, power lines and highway bridges and overpasses will accumulate ice most easily.”

If you’re ready for some skiing in these areas, but not sure where to go, we have the answer. The Ski Channel has recently released a Resort Rater. Here’s some info about it:

The Resort Rater is tailored to you.  Top 10 ski resorts lists work for the resorts, the Resort Rater works for you.  Top 10s are so 2009.  I can’t talk back to a hard list of the best ski resorts.  Yes, I see your “best of” list, but my wife will not go to any ski resort that does not offer via ferrata.  A top 10 can’t even ask what via ferrata is!

With hundreds of selectable criteria, the Resort Rater is dynamic.  It generates top 10 lists for you.  It generates top 100 lists for you.

Perhaps the next ski trip calls for daycare for the kids, some shopping for the lovely lady, nice groomers, cliff hucks for Grandpa, Luge for Aunt Mildred and base jumping for Grandma.  The Resort Rater bakes your own ski recipe.   Put the ingredients in and out comes a tailored list to your specific tastes.  Hello Whistler!

Who am I kidding?  I’m a single dude with no kids.  My next ski trip calls for sleeping in my own car, grabbing first chair and chargin’ big bowls filled with deep powder.  Grandma thankfully would never base jump…  Survey says…Jackson Hole!

Not excited at the prospect of a computer choosing your next ski vacation?  Afraid a selfish laptop may skew the results towards ski resorts with coffee shops?

Well, there is certainly some serious math at work with the Resort Rater.  Its machinery rests on a complex algorithm in weighting hundreds of criteria, far too many to count on an abacus.  And there’s hard data, like vertical feet and average snow fall.  But, the soul of the Resort Rater is experts — those world travelers of all things mountain — and other consumers, i.e. you.  All this opinion, all this expertise, all this hard date…smash it together and it becomes sophisticated and extremely valuable data.

So plug in to the Resort Rater, get a better feel for ski resorts that maybe you’ve only heard the names of.  View clips of different restaurants and ski runs, peruse lodging options, check the latest weather forecast — and guess what?  When you get there, your ski resort match will look exactly like she did on the Resort Rater.

Click here to check out the Resort Rater and to take intelligent advantage of these recent winter storms!!