Bobby Brown double golds with Winter X Games Ski Slopestyle win, Hatveit and Carlson round out podium

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 30, 2010 2:49 pm

Bobby Brown didn’t throw another switch double misty 1440. He wouldn’t need to as the Breckenridge native continued his winning ways with yet another victory at Winter X Games 14.

Bobby should start getting used to seeing podium shots like this one

The win not only solidifies Brown’s place in the freestyle skiing world, but gives him the historic designation of becoming the first Winter X skier to win in two events the same year. Not even Tanner Hall or Simon Dumont pulled that one off in their hey-day.

Brown’s winning run included a nice railslide to 450 off the top section, into a switch 450 railslide to 270 out on the disaster down box. The hitching post feature would become Brown’s staple as he launched a perfect hand plant misty 720 up and over. Brown would continue his dazzling performance onto the canon box with a railslide to cork 810 out. After concluding the rail features Brown offered our eyes a treat with a line consisting of a rightside switch misty 900, a double cork 1260 tail grab, and his trademark switch double misty 1260. All moves were stomped clean. Shout out to Bobby for once again making me look good for picking him in my slopestyle preview.

Just missing out on stealing Brown’s gold was Andreas Hatveit. As predicted, Hatveit continued his strong performance, but lacked the firepower of Brown’s jump line. Hatveit had similar moves to Brown on the first two rail features, but put on a show with a railslide to misty 450 off the gigantic ‘rainbow’ rail. However, Hatveit’s line of rightside switch 1080, switch 1260, and double cork 10 mute didn’t have the same technical difficulty of Brown’s run. Perhaps Hatveit will start unleashing both left and rightside double flips in upcoming competitions, a move that would probably push him over the top.

Rounding out the podium today would be Hood River, OR local Sammy Carlson. Pasty-C would have a very strong showing today, particularly on the rail features. After opening with a nice 270 railslide on the down rail, the seasoned pro would unleash a textbook 450 on 270 out of the down box. Setting up for the rainbow rail, Carlson would take it easy with a 360 nose bonk over the hitching post. After coming in hot, Carlson would perform the most difficult move of the day on the rainbow rail with a rodeo 450 on to 450 off. Heading into the jump line Carlson would drop a nice rightside switch 10 deep into the landing, followed up by a switch 1260 mute, and double cork 10 poked out mute.

While these three shined today, other notables seemed to struggle. Tom Wallisch could not put the pieces together today. The usually video game-like Wallisch failed to pretzel the opening rail on several attempts which seemed to damage later hits on his runs. While he did show signs of brilliance with his jump lines of switch double rodeo 10s, switch rightside 10s, and double cork 12s, he never had a perfect run from top-to-bottom.

Elsewhere, Kiwi Jossi Wells similarly struggled with the opening flat rail. Wells had a few bobbles which left him peeling off the rail early, something the judges harshly punish. Even with his difficulties, Jossi should feel great about his Winter X time thus far, as he was instrumental in launching the craziness of last night’s Big Air with his switch double cork 1440s.

Thankfully for us skiing fanatics, the Winter X Games still offer us more skiing action tonight as the boys will finally head to the “stunt ditch” for the Men’s Superpipe Elimination round. Be sure to tune into ESPN at 9PM EST/6PM PST.