Halldor Helgason matches Bobby Brown with his own perfect score at Winter X Games Snowboard Big Air

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 31, 2010 3:51 pm

Halldor Helgason dropped perfect scores with this frontside double cork 1080, and backside double cork 1260

Skiing Big Air at Winter X Games 14 was one of the most exciting, and historic events in Winter X History. Three brand new tricks were launched for the first time ever in competition, and a new skiing star was born in the form of Bobby Brown. Brown earned a score of 50 twice, which allowed him to earn the first 100 perfect score ever awarded at X Games.

Going into Saturday night’s Snowboard Big Air there were some silently wondering if the riders could match the same level of talent as the skiers the previous night. Thankfully, Icelandic Winter X rookie Halldor Helgason didn’t quite get the memo, as he looked to propel snowboarding to new heights with his trickery.

Helgason would start things off with his frontside double cork 1080 melon grab, which would immediately earn him a perfect score of 50 for the jump. Not wanting to let the skiers be the only guys to put on a progressive show, Helgason dug deep into his bag of tricks for something new.

After dropping into the beastly jump, Helgason would go spin a backside double cork 1260 to perfection. Helgason admitted not only had he never done the move in competition, but hadn’t even landed the maneuver once prior.