Cayman Islands to send first ever Winter Olympian to Vancouver: Dow Travers

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on February 1, 2010 1:10 pm

Christopher Columbus spotted the Cayman Islands on his fourth (and final) sojourn to the New World.  He dubbed the islands “Las Tortugas” for all the sea turtles inhabiting the area.

507 years later, but only 47 years since the Cayman Islands split with Jamaica, the Caribbean country will send its first competitor to the Winter Olympics.  His name is Dow Travers, 21-years-old, and he’ll be competing in downhill skiing.

Mr. Travers was born in the Cayman Islands and he’s been on a “hunt for snow” ever since leaving for an exchange program at 14.  You don’t need to be a geography major to know there’s no snow in Cayman.  Autograph seekers are advised to look for the Cayman Islands team jacket (blue with “Cayman Islands” written on the back in gold) up at Aspen where Dow trains around 50 days a year with the Aspen Valley Ski Club.

Travers qualified for the Winter Olympics in Chile and exclaimed, “I am feeling very Olympic today.”  His achievement has made him a national hero in his homeland.

Donald McLean, Cayman Islands Olympic Committee president commented on the oddity of a Caribbean athlete competing at the Winter Olympics.  “While Cayman is not a hotbed for winter sports, we do have Caymanians participate in these sports. We see this as just another part of the continuous process of evolution for the Olympics in this country and we are hoping this will give more opportunity for Caymanians to compete.”

It’s another great story to watch in a Winter Olympic year filled with so many compelling story lines.  Dow Travers, Winter Olympian from the Cayman Islands.  Wow.

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