Exclusive photos of Jen Hudak’s Winter X Games skier superpipe win

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 1, 2010 6:27 am

Here are some photos from the day of Jen Hudak’s skier superpipe win, courtesy of Marker Voelkl. Our writer Alex covered this competition earlier, here’s what he said:

“Well the four-peat curse continues among the freestyle skiing world at Winter X Games 14. Simon Dumont, Tanner Hall, and now Sarah Burke have all tried but failed to complete the ridiculously difficult task of securing four straight gold medals.

After struggling to even make the elimination round, Burke managed to sneak in on her last run during Thursday’s qualifiers, barely knocking off Grete Eliassen. Knowing the competitive field was deeper than ever, Burke took it upon herself to add some new tricks to her arsenal in hopes of fending off the talents of Jen Hudak and up-and-comer Megan Gunning.

Unfortunately for Burke, not even a pair of back-to-back left and right side flairs could earn her the four-peat as she got caught up on the left wall.

Roz Groenwoud had the highest air of the day among the ladies airing over 14 feet on the first hit, but quickly declined in amplitude while heading down the pipe. However she added some firepower with a nice 900 on her second hit, further pushing the trick vocabulary among the ladies on the podium.

Last year Sarah Burke correctly prophesied that 17 year-old Canadian ripper Megan Gunning would be the top threat to her in superpipe. Boy was she right. Gunning was skiing like a boy in this contest, and thats the ultimate compliment. As Mike Douglas put it, “If this was a left wall contest, Megan Gunning would win hands down.” Unfortunately for Gunning she didn’t have the same hit-for-hit quality of our gold medalist winner.

Jen Hudak, fresh off a nasty knee injury, sailed out of the pipe with a lofty cork 9, 540 and a 720. She also dropped an alley-oup 540 on her unnatural pipe wall, which set herself apart from the likes of Megan Gunning.

Winter X Games 14 Women’s Superpipe Podium

1. Jen Hudak
2. Megan Gunning
3. Roz Groenewoud”