Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 1, 2010 7:02 pm

Some people spend all year planning it, and boy are we glad they do. If you haven’t heard of SIA, you’re not alone.  But if you work anywhere in the snow sports industry, you are probably pretty well acquainted.

For those of you who don’t know, the SIA snow show is the Disneyland for snow sports enthusiasts, executives, and everything snow in between. The air smells of wool and, like in your dreams, everything is Gore-tex.  From avalanche kits, to new snowboards, stylish apparel, and the latest skis, every brand in snow sports old and new (no matter what they sell or come to show) comes together to show their moves for the upcoming season.

This year SIA was moved from its usual location to a new spot in downtown Denver. Held at the Denver Convention Center, this year’s SIA was a virtual Snow Flake prom. Whether you are an all-moutain rider, park skier, freeride snowboarder, you get my drift, it was all you needed and more. Here are the highlights:

Salomon showed some of the most bad ass shreddin’ sticks for the 2010 season. We chatted with Jenny, who is not only the cutest little blonde in the snow sports industry, but a girl who really knows the facts. She showed us the boot line up featuring the brand new Ghost, and they are nothing short of a statement. High performance ski boots with enough design detail to compare to the likes of Haute Couture fashion. The 2010 ski line-up looks unreal. A mix of park and all mountain, there is no rider left without two amazing planks.

Smokin Snowboards was a booth you could not miss. Until about 10 feet away there were PBR cans littered, and the inside was adorned with graffiti and toilets. Although don’t let their bad boy image threaten you as they make an unbelievably, technologically advanced snowboard. With magnatraction, camber, blunt tips, and a core built for pop, they are some of the best boards on the mountain. After admiring all their outrageous graphics we stopped to notice their pro model, the “Buck Furton.” Awfully blunt and we love it.

Mountain Boards put on a fantastic show with a full 30 foot drop in and ramp set up. There were back flips, 720’s, and McTwists all over the top of the cement convention floor.

Wrong Gear and their team of abominable riders provided enough personality to keep the entire convention entertained. Whether it was winning the dance competitions out front the Skull Candy booth with the scanitly clad Skull Candy flight attendants or raiding the Ride snowboards booth in their signature Wrong Gear bandanas. Wrong Gear is a start-up out of USC and is gaining significance with their unique and stylish bandanas made specifically for the all snow conditions that feature a breathable and lightweight liner.

Armada. Unbelievable skis, as stylish as their marketing manager Seth’s mustache, but functional. Armada skis speak for themselves and the 2010 line-up is an absolute home run.

The USC Freestyle Team plays poker at the Burton booth

In keeping with award season, we have to give you the honorable mentions.  Burton’s on site casino featured real gambling, no surprise  there considering Burton’s knack for money making. ABS avalanche airbag backpacks function like a parachute in that you pull a chord to activate two airbags that keep you afloat when caught in an avalanche. And last but not least, Protect Our Winter’s showing of their new awareness film “Generations” presented on the Transworld stage by Jeremy Jones.