Bobby Brown Joins Extreme Sport’s Lore

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 2, 2010 2:45 pm

There are select instances throughout the evolution of extreme sports where we see things on the television and cannot believe our eyes. From these moments on, the game has changed. You grab the phone, sign into twitter, or maybe just run out into the street screaming “DID ANYONE JUST SEE THAT?!”.  Every few years we’ll see athletes that come along and change everything we know to be possible. Tony Hawk’s 900 and Travis Pastrana’s double-backflip are two moments that come to mind. They are those moments where you are watching extreme sports on their biggest stage and you say to yourself “wait… did that just happen?”

Enter: Bobby Brown and his Big Air performance last Friday night.

Aspen, Colorado saw its fair share of athletes doin’ what they do best in Winter X-Games Fourteen this last week, but nothing as spectacular and dominant as Bobby’s Big Air final. I found myself sitting there in the same state of shock as when I saw Jonny Moseley stick his “Iron-Cross 360″ in 1998′s Nagano Olympics. Big Air has changed as we know it, and every kid that steps into some twin tips this week already knows it.



No Mom and Dad, we’re not talking about Bobby and Whitney Houston, we’re talking about the

guy who landed the first ever “
Switch Dub 1440 Misty” on his way to out-dueling TJ Schiller’s first ever “dub 1620″ for the Skiing Big Air gold medal. Some of the most spectacular freestyle skiing we’ve ever seen came just in time to get us skiers excited for some more potential sport altering moments to come.

Maybe in Vancouver?



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