Hill sliding guru Glen Plake hits CBS Early Show to stump for cine masterpiece Edge Of Never

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on February 2, 2010 3:06 pm

Masterpiece is a word that you can’t throw around too easily as it should only be associated with the Mona Lisa, Hemmingway, maybe Springsteens “Born To Run.”  So can we call moderately nubile filmmaker Bill Kerig’s “Edge Of Never” a Masterpiece?  With a capital “M” no less?  You bet your ass we can as “Edge of Never” Is a flat out home run Masterpiece with a capital “M.” The movie is flat out mondo cine.  Glen Plake, Mike Hattrup, Anselme Baud, Stephane Dan, Eric Pehota, Kasha Rigby and Meg Oster take Kye Petersen to Chamonix to tackle the line that ultimately claimed his father, famous big mountain skier, Trevor Petersen. 

A ski film with a story?  Well, we are finally getting a few with  “Swift, Silent, Deep”…”Transitions” – all great works of art.  In “Edge,” Kerig, with Zen precision, captures the ultimate bro story as friends of the late Trevor Petersen took his young child Kai to the same line in Chamonix, France that claimed his life.  But they do it in a way that takes respect for their fallen comrade to dizzying heights.  Each and every one of them wanted this for Kye, knew that Trevor would be smiling from upstairs and placed a premium on safety that hit you in the chest.  Yes the line was the hairiest, scariest, bewariest thing this world has to offer, but Plake, Hattrup, et al made Kye and anyone watching feel like a newborn in their mothers arms.

The film premieres on Showtime on February 5th at 8PM.  Tomorrow at 8:00AM, legendary hair care specialist / one of the world’s greatest skiers / world class mountaineer – Glen Plake will go on the CBS Early Show to promote it.


Again, it is a masterpiece of ski cine and regular cine.  Showtime doesn’t pick up crappy movies.