Hip Hop and Pow Pow: Mammoth Hosting “De La Soul”

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 2, 2010 3:49 pm


know your bumpin’ it on the way to the hill, it’s obviously in your headphones while you’re riding, and it’s hard to remember a snowboard video that didn’t have at least a few good beats in them. It’s hip-hop. It’s an urban culture and a poetic art form, so naturally it is apart of another culture that is poetic in nature: freestyle skiing and snowboarding. With some of us in the world doing a majority of our hip-hop consumption on chairlifts or in parking lots as we’re getting on our gear, it makes complete sense that Mammoth Mountain Resort would observe this time-honored tradition by including legendary hip hop group “De La Soul” in their Mammoth Concert Series.

Since 1987, De La Soul has been making music that has gone beyond the boundries of traditional hip-hop. With their techniques of sampling music and the way in which they write their lyrics, they have done their part in growing the sub-genre of alternative hip-hop. They have been passionately evolving their craft,  just as freestyle skiers and boarders have done during the last few decades. So when Saturday February 20th rolls around, go ahead and get your “shred” on in the afternoon, because around 9PM its gonna be poppin off in the Mammoth Village for the 21 and older crowd.

Tickets are going to be $25 at the door and $20 in advance. Check out Mammoth’s website for more information.