Renovations at Mountain High

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 2, 2010 3:36 pm

Earlier today we mentioned the storm that’s expected to hit SoCal this weekend. No doubt that means a lot of skiers and riders will pay a visit to some of their favorite SoCal ski areas, like Bear Mountain, Snow Summit and Mountain High.

If you’re heading up to Mountain High in Wrightwood, be sure to check out their newly renovated park. From their website, here’s what they had to say:

“Faultline has been rebuilding all week with snow, snow, and more snow.  2 shifts, 9 cats, 18 hours a day.  A lot of work goes into building a park and here’s a little recap of what’s been done, and what’s still to come.  Respect!

East Park:
7 Upper level jumps varying from 40-55ft. This park takes southern California riding to the next level. The length of the run and massive piles of snow allow for incredible jumps and endless landings. Transworld Snowboarding Magazine recently did a photo shoot in this area and the professional riders were pulling huge tricks.  In addition to the large features we offer a series of low level jumps that shadow the bigger features so everyone can have a great time.

Wedge: Beefed up with new snow. This park consists of 3 solid 40+ft jumps and variety of advanced rail features. The is the premier location for events such as the Oakley Event and Gatorade Free Ride Tour.

Chislom: Rebuilt with something for every ability level.  Highlights include the 9 jumps down the left side and the 7 rails down the right.

Cruiser: Cruiser offers a great way down to the lower mtn with features that includes a single barrel rail, fun rainbow rail, 4 jumps Hip and rollers to finish it off.

Gulch: When building the Gulch we enhanced the natural terrain turning the banks into a series of hips that lead into two tree rides and exit into the Playground via the tunnel.

Borderline: If you want to be seen this is the place to be. The main West chairlift goes directly over this park.  It has been designed to give you that “skate park” feel with wide skate style pads and a unique variety of rails, boxes and jumps.

Creekside / Sunnyside: Progression park with friendly, lower-level features perfect for beginners or practicing tricks. To the left we offer a great line of boxes and rails that allow for riding-on rather than jumping so you can get the feel.  As you move to the right you will find a jump line with small table top jumps to get the feel for jumping. The far right line is also setup with table top jumps that for a bit more air so you can start stepping up your game.

Coming soon

Conquest: Soon we will be building a series of advanced features that will allow you to test your skills while allowing you to stay off the beaten path.

Also coming soon is a new beginner park at the top of East serviced by Discovery.  The pitch and location are great and will create a park with a cozy, relaxed feel that will bring out your best riding.”

If you’re not super familiar with Mountain High, here are some mountain stats:

Original Resort Opening: 1941

8,200 feet. East Mountain Peak
6,600 feet. East Mountain Base

8,000 feet. West Mountain Peak
7,000 feet. West Mountain Base

7,800 feet. North Mountain Peak
7,200 feet. North Mountain Base

6,000 feet. Wrightwood, CA

Vertical Rise: 1,600 feet
Skiable Terrain: 290 acres
Permit Terrain: 515 acres
Average Annual Snowfall: 141 inches (12yr average)
Average Length of Season: Early November – Late April

Trails: 59

14 Beginner @ 24%

23 Intermediate @ 39%

22 Advanced @ 37%

Snowmaking: Coverage on 80% of the resort

Lifts: 16 Total

2 High Speed Quads

2 Quad Chairlifts
2 Triple Chairlifts
5 Double Chairlifts
5 Moving Carpets

Terrain Features: Located throughout the West Resort.