The must have freeride boot: Lange Banshee Pro

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 2, 2010 12:16 pm

Word around the cocoa station is that Lange’s got some new and innovative changes for next year’s boot lineup, but for the sake of living in the now, let’s talk the Banshee Pro. Lange didn’t cut any corners  when they brought their successful “long flex pattern” (well known to  World Cup ski racers for the last decade) to the all-mountain skier who doesn’t care whether he’s on bumps or in knee deep pow. For the last few seasons, long time skiers have probably noticed that the Banshees have a very similar last and design as the old Lange World Cup boots. Most of the ex-racer kids out there will remember these resembling the bright powder blue things that their parents would jam on their feet from age 5.  My bad, enough repressed memories already! 

Most importantly, the best performance features of the old World Cup HP Fit can be found in Lange’s Banshee Pro with a few handy adjustments. There’s a shock-absorbing toe box and a nice spongy boot board so you can “let the dogs out” all day, but they wont be barkin’ at the end. One of the most logical innovations to this boot is that Lange finally took a high performance shell and put some Vibram soles on the heel and toe. Now we’re not slippin’ around when we go hike the cornice, nor will our boots ever wear down in the parking lot in late march. This boot is among the best freeride boots you can find when it comes to skiing all sorts of conditions. The days of the “Lange-bang” are long gone with their new “gel-tongue” and elastic power strap.

It’s doubtful that the 110 flex is going to be too stiff for the typical all mountain freerider, but if that’s the case, the standard Banshees have you covered with a 100 flex. You really have to get up on the hill and ski these bad boys (or girls) to realize how the industry is raising the bar everyday. There once was a very fine line that manufacturers would walk between comfort and performance. Lange isn’t on the proverbial tight rope anymore, and once you ride ‘em, it’ll be easy to understand the versatility that the Banshee Pro provides.

Oh, by the way, they’re not powder blue.