The Ski Channel “LOST” contest giveaway

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 2, 2010 2:38 pm

OK, LOST fans and The Ski Channel fans. Tonight is the night. The premiere of the final season of ABC’s “LOST” is tonight at 9PM. How stoked are you?!?! I’m freaking out over here, watching the clock like crazy and hardly keeping my composure. We’ve waited eight months for some answers to the hundreds of questions that have developed over the years.

Is John Locke dead and was the man in black reincarnated into him? Is Jacob really dead? Why doesn’t Richard ever age? What’s the deal with the smoke monster? Why was Walt able to manifest his thoughts on the island? Why was Sun able to get pregnant? Why are the numbers so significant and why can Hurley now talk to dead people?

Obviously I could go on, but I’ll get to the point. I dare you, readers, to post in the comment section below, what your theory is on LOST. I mean about everything. Give us the answers we’re looking for. How do you think the show will wrap up? Whoever is closest to how the show actually concludes in May will get a free The Ski Channel t-shirt (or sweatshirt) and hat, courtesy of us.

I’ll keep track of this story, and come May, when the show ends, I’ll come back to these comments to see who was closest to being right. Make sure to give an overarching conclusion as well as answer some specific questions. Good luck, we look forward to reading your posts. Enjoy the premiere! To get you in the mood, here are cast members Harold Perrineau, Michael Emerson, Nestor Carbonell, Terry O’Quinn and Jorge Garcia letting us know what we can expect out of the sixth and final season.