American Idol Denver: Bikini Boy makes us proud

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 3, 2010 11:19 am

As many of you know, The Ski Channel was just in Denver for the SnowSports Industries Convention, or the SIA Snow Show. It was rad. After watching last night’s American Idol in Denver, we did a double take when Bikini Boy Ty Hemmerling came on the screen. We’re pretty sure we saw him at SIA! He wasn’t wearing a bikini, so we can’t be totally sure…but it may very well have been him.

Being from Denver, and assuming that was him at SIA, it’s safe to say Bikini Boy is a skier or snowboarder. Being one of our tribe, we’re outraged that the judges walked out on him! Give him the decency of a good listen at least! He had the guts to walk out in a bikini for heaven’s sake…that deserves something!

Well, it got him TV time…

A lot of folks have been complaining that “Idol” shows too many bad auditions. The way we see it, the laughably bad auditions are part of the show. What do you think? Should they do away with ridiculously bikini-clad jokes? Or do we enjoy seeing half-naked skiers from Denver making fools of themselves?