Swiss racer gets World Junior slalom gold, best U.S. racer gets seventh

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 3, 2010 2:13 pm

In yesterday’s World Junior night slalom at Les Planards, France, Swiss racer Reto Schmidiger took the gold after two excellent runs. Lukas Tippelreither from Austria got the second spot on the podium while Sergei Maltakov got third.

Coming in first for the U.S. was Colby Granstrom, with a seventh place finish. He actually matched Schmidiger’s second run time, the fastest of the race.

“We were set up for something really special (at the end of the first run),” said U.S. coach Randy Pelkey, “but it just didn’t end up as special as we wanted. The guys are gunning it. They made some aggressive mistakes.”

Pelkey said “They’re gaining every day in experience and I think we’ll see a lot out of them in the future. … They are strong across the board.”

“There was a hole there on the third to last gate,” said Granstrom, “and that probably kept me out of the top five, but I fought and that makes me happy.”