Garmont’s 2010 revolutionary lightweight alpine touring boot

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 4, 2010 12:56 pm


As many of us all mountaineering folk believe, when it comes to boots the name Garmont rings a happy chime. I know, I remember my first pair of used Garmont’s to go with my Christmas tele-skis a few winter’s ago and with 6 years of wisdom on them they remained a great  performance boot. Today, Garmont leads the industry in innovation and design for all mountaineering, skiing, and touring, which makes it no surprise when I discovered their new Masterlite boot from journalist Sam Bass is as equally exited about the brand as I. In his account of the boots he states that “for brands that build ski-touring boots, the holy grail is a boot that blends light weight with high performance—whether its user is hiking, skinning, or skiing… Garmont’s recent entry into this category—the Masterlite, developed by renowned gear designer Paul Parker and a team of Garmont engineers— [was spotted] at the recent Outdoor Retailer winter trade show in Salt Lake City, Utah.” Sam Bass tells us he has not had the opportunity to ski the boot but sees the innovation behind it. For many Sam’s account’s describe just what we all look for in a backcountry boot.

Upon more research, I discovered the thought behind the engineering of the Masterlite. The boots are uniquely designed for backcountry use and soft snow. They are light and dynamic for this purpose and not made for the average blue run bunny. These are some serious performance boots made for the backcountry wanderer. They are created for hiking, skinning, and steep ascents into whiter pastures. ‘Feed The Habit (feed the’ writer Jason Mitchell compares them to a “good-fitting pair of hiking boots.” They allow for long ascents and confort while keeping a tough exterior and structure for your descent.

From, Sam Bass grabbed the stats from Garmont and here they are relayed:

Color: Glacier Blue

Shell: Pebax

Flex Index: 110

Liner: Lite

Closure: Double-Action Cuff Buckle, Instep buckle, Optional power-strap

Weight: 1090 grams per boot (size 27.5)
Size range: 24-29.5

Lean: 24 degrees + walk

System: Tech (Dynafit compatible)