Winter Dew Tour at Mount Snow Ski Superpipe Prelims results, several Winter X Games finalists fail to qualify

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 4, 2010 2:39 pm

This afternoon from Mount Snow, VT,  the Winter Dew Tour Ski Superpipe prelims got underway in dramatic fashion. Taking a look at the results, it appears that several of the Winter X Games finalists were suffering from a little bit of a Winter X hangover. Winter X Games superpipe champion Kevin Rolland, who put down one of the best pipe runs ever last week, failed to even qualify for this weekend’s finals. Furthermore, smooth styling Winter X 5th place finisher Duncan Adams couldn’t put the pieces together, and won’t be among the finalists on Saturday. Even High Air champion Pete Olenick won’t be competing this weekend after a disappointing performance today.

However, with many X Games notables missing, this has opened the door for some new faces to emerge during finals. The Canadian trio of Dorey, Margetts, and Riddle represent some of the top pipe skiing talent in the world. Strangely all failed to make  last week’s Winter X finals, so it’s no surprise to see the three rebound with a sweep of the podium spots. Look for the strong performances out of the three to continue into finals.

The real question will be how these top qualifiers will fare going into finals against the heavy-hitters such as Jossi Wells, Simon Dumont and Xavier Bertoni.

Winter Dew Tour Qualifiers Results

1) Justin Dorey – 86.00
2) Matt Margetts – 85.75
3) Mike Riddle – 84.25
4) Byron Wells – 83.75
5) Tyler Peterson – 81.25
6) Walter Wood – 79.00
7) Banks Gilberti – 74.75
8) Tucker Perkins – 74.25
9) AJ Kemppainen – 73.00


10) Peter Olenick – 72.25
11) Kevin Rolland – 70.75
12) Colby West – 69.25
13) Duncan Adams – 65.25
14) Dan Marion – 63.00
15) Gus Kenworthy – 63.00
16) Noah Bowman – 61.50
17) Joss Christensen – 60.00
18) Thomas Krief – 45.75
19) Evan Schwartz – 45.00
20) Marshall LaCroix – 44.50
21) Matt Duhamel – 40.25

Top 9 advance to Saturday’s finals where they’ll meet Jossi Wells, Simon Dumont and Xavier Bertoni, who are top 3 in the Dew Tour pipe standings and already pre-qualified for finals.