Winter Dew Tour Ski Slopestyle predictions for Dew Cup

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 4, 2010 4:44 pm

The Winter Dew Tour standings are tight in nearly every discipline, but none are closer than the current race for the Skier Slopestyle “Dew Cup.”

With so much talent to go around in the freeski community, it’s truly anyone’s guess to who might walk away with the title on a given week. The championship may come down to something as trivial as weather conditions, missed luggage, or even course lay-out.

Current slopestyle standings for the Dew Cup:

1. Tom Wallisch – 190 points

1. (tied) Andreas Hatveit – 190 points

3. (tied) Bobby Brown and Sammy Carlson – 155 points

As you can tell from these ridiculously close margins, these skiers are going to be particularly hungry tomorrow during slopestyle finals.

Tom Wallisch, fresh off his first Winter X Games appearance, is going to be firing on all cylinders at Mount Snow. Let’s not forget Wallisch grew up skiing in the east in the tiny foothills of Maryland. How is that going to help Wallisch tomorrow? Well my friends, there’s an old saying in the ski community: “If you can ski the worst, you can ski the best.”

Mount Snow has provided arguably the worst conditions of the Dew Tour thus far. The superpipe has been labelled by some athletes as pre-Zaugg pipe cutter status, and the slopestyle course needed an athlete meeting to figure out how to make the contest workable. To a skier like Wallisch, this adversity may play in his favor. Any skier who has grown up skiing parks with crappy lips onto rails and flat landings had to learn to adapt at some point. Wallisch may have moved to ski heaven Utah, but he hasn’t forgotten his east-coast roots which will no doubt help propel him to a solid finish. Moreover, the course seems to have less emphasis on jumps than rails, another bonus for the supreme jibber Wallisch. Odds to walk away with the victory and the Dew Cup for the Pittsburgh-native – 4:1.

Andreas Hatveit has bar-none the best attitude in freeskiing. The always optimistic Norwegian should have a great shot at walking away with the victory and overall Dew Cup simply because the man doesn’t always need a perfect course to lay down his runs on. He makes all his spins and flips look disturbingly routine, and has no doubt been able to practice worry-free knowing he was into finals no matter what. The issue I have with forecasting a Hatveit victory is that the jump quality and quantity may be troublesome for the 28-year-old skier. Hatveit thrives on large, poppy jumps where he can showcase his smooth spins and double flips. The Mount Snow course is a bit smaller and more rail-oriented which may tip the contest in favor of a skier like Wallisch or Carlson. Truthfully, I believe Alli and the Mount Snow park crew will have the course better dialed for finals, and I look for a strong performance out of Hatveit and give him 6:1 odds of victory.

Due to a random tie-breaker, Hood River, OR native Sammy Carlson was forced to compete in the qualifiers today at Mount Snow. Well after easily taking 1st place, it’s clear Carlson very much deserved a clean shot straight into Saturday’s finals. Fortunately for Carlson, this may turn out to be a blessing in disguise. The top-three competitors got less practice time then Carlson, and weren’t forced to hammer out a competition run thus far. Carlson however already has his run prepared, and has the luxury of upping his moves if he deems necessary. Carlson has been straight on fire this year in slopestyle, but will need help to walk away with the Dew Cup. However, I still place him at a respectable 6:1 odds of victory. I mean did you see Carlson rodeo 450 on 450 out of that rainbow rail last week at Winter X Games?

Bobby Brown. The man has been on quite the rollercoaster ride the past week since double gold medaling at X Games, and becoming one of the new faces of freeskiing. Brown made Sportscenter’s Top 10 plays last week for peat’s sake. How will Brown’s momentum affect him going into the last stop of the Dew Tour? Brown may have all the confidence in the world, but his ski style demands perfect jumps. Brown dominates in the air with his arsenal of double flips and corks, but if the course stays the way it is, Brown may have a hard time matching some of the technicality of rail prodigies like Wallisch and JF Houle. I hate betting against Brown after he made me look like a genius during Winter X, but I just don’t see him lighting up the Mount Snow course like Aspen. Odds for victory – 10:1.

Wildcard for the Mount Snow stop: Jossi Wells. Jossi has had some great qualifying rounds for slopestyle the last few months, but has not been able to walk away with a victory. Wells may be more focused on earning the Dew Cup for superpipe, but the dual-threat could potentially walk away with a win in both disciplines at Mount Snow. Rumor has it, he will be riding to the tunes of “Jossi Wells (He’s Fine)” which may motivate him towards the victory lap. I give Jossi a reasonable 12:1 odds to take the Mount Snow slopestyle title.

The slopestyle finals get underway tomorrow, so check back here to the Ski Channel for a wrap-up of the day’s event and the Dew Cup winner.