ZINC: Return of the on slope flair with ZINKA

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 4, 2010 11:28 am


Zinc. Known for its nostalgia inducing neon, there is not one of our generation who does not remember its remarkable place in our outdoor and action induced lifestyles. Whether your story is that of your childhood ski days or your summer’s at the lake, its no coincidence that you remember this sunscreen.

As general manager, Lisa Stern explained “when it comes to Zinka, there is no one without a story.”

“I would have to say it is my favorite part about my job. The fact that everyone has a vivid memory of where our simple product has been in their lives.” As I recalled old times with Lisa we decided that Zinka is one of those products like Kleenex or Rollerblade that has taken on a name of its own.The name is no longer associated with a sunscreen but rather the times wearing it.

Zinka (the brand who has made the sunscreen a household name) is a ‘USA made’ product which came on the market over 24 years ago from Long Beach, California. Owner Russell Freebury has kept the product simple yet unique with its zinq oxide base and bright colors. Zinka has a total of eight outrageous colors including pink, green, flesh tone, and neon yellow.

Whether it’s your throwback ski days in your one piece or your surf trips in Maui, you can’t forget these products (you could try but as soon as you pop in an old home movie you will be quickly reminded). And to keep the bus rolling, Zinka continues to sponsor young local athletes. When I asked Lisa Stern specifically of her  youngster memories she brought up summer boat trips and Bob Marley in her token green Zinka.


Although, it’s not all throwback for Zinka these days as they have introduced clear zinc which has been on the market for almost five years. And most recently, last spring they released the  clear zinc spray. They continue to be one of the top selling niche sunscreen brands on the market with such a highly regarded product and no sign of slowing down. We look forward to seeing new colors in the future of Zinka and in tradition of creating new memories Lisa set me on my way with some pink and green Zinka to hit the slopes.