Bryan Brothers, David Baron, Jim Bogios bang out monster concert at Viper Room

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on February 5, 2010 12:01 am

Last night the Bryan Brothers Band featuring David Baron played a sold out, starnding room only show at the Viper Room in LA.  The club founded by Johnnie Depp and the place where huge acts like Tom Petty and Counting Crows have performed will definately need roofers to come out because the band scorched the tar off the top.

Playing an absolutely flawless set, the band who will be heading up to the Bay Area for their gig next week sliced through a 7-song set like a hot knife through butter.  The five piece fronted by lyric and melody slayer David Baron was as tight as any band you will find anywhere.  It doesn’t matter what stage, what arena, what recording studio.  They were 5 dolphins swimming in unison.  The musicianship was suburb, the arrangements were powerful, intricate and appealing and the songs could all find their way on commercial radio with the right humpers.

Baron has a command of the stage like Jagger in a Bryan Adams sort of way.   From the opening “Hello Viper Room” there was no doubt to his voice of authority status.  He went from screaming, to falsetto, to breathy to melodic as if the four styles were one.  Just a great performance by him.  The drummer was Jim Bogios who is also the drummer for the Counting Crows.  The guy is nothing short of a virtuos who can find the “one” like a class of first graders when there is candy on the line.  With the left hand of Kenny Aronoff, the right hand of Liberty De Vitto and feet of Jim Keltner with a Shawn Pelton twist, Bogios started with one Crow – “Sheryl” and then moved to the next Crows – “Counting” and whacked heads along the way with Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Prince and Ben Folds Five.

First big question, is this the world best tennis players novelty act playing with all-star musicians.  That question was answered in about 30-seconds as Bob and Mike Bryan were absolutely in unison with the band of five that seemed like a band of one.  What was more remarkable was that there was no bass guitar.  Bob Bryan was not only carrying his keyboard parts with his right hand, but carrying the bass lines for the entire band with his left hand.  Mike Bryan looked about as comfortable chugging away on his Fender Strat as he did on stadium court winning the Australian Open.  He might has well have been a 6-string drummer as he never left the pocket. 

It was hard to pick a highlight of the night but on the encore song Baron sat down at the keyboard with Bob Bryan and proceeded to put on a display that looked more like a chef at Benihana than a rock show.  Half the room must have gone home and bought ginsu’s online. If there was a highlight song, the title track “Let It Rip” which was their first original of the night was the one that most people were humming in the parking lot. 

Of course it was a who’s who of beautiful and famous people in the crowd.  A-list producers, directors, writers, tennis stars like Justin Gimelstob and Sam Querrey.  Only visible gripe is the name.  If there is one thing that last night proved…the act has graduated from pet project and is now a band.  The Bryan Brothers featuring David Baron works for a one nighter, but these cats need a moniker.  Please put suggestions below.  And make sure in between skiing all the great snow in Tahoe, you catch this band next week in San Francisco.

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