Copper Mountain and Wexley School for Girls ‘Snowday’ Campaign

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 5, 2010 12:16 pm

WEXLEY SCHOOL FOR GIRLS ‘SNOW DAY’ CAMPAIGN FOR COPPER MOUNTAIN SKI RESORT MAKES PEOPLE SICK…AND FOR GOOD REASON. This season the social media and web video campaign increased sales 35% versus the previous year.

I had myself a hearty chuckle when communications director, Melissa Riche, let me in on this one. It is rare you see a campaign this well thought out yet unconventional. When I hopped on the site and navigated through their 70′s themed showcase I was astounded by the thought and creativity put into it. Check out the website at and read on to learn more.

ISEATTLE, WA — February 5, 2010 — Wexley School for Girls ( recently scored another success for Copper Mountain ski area in Colorado. This season’s interactive, offbeat, and retro-feeling marketing campaign reaches out to employers, employees, and the unemployed, with the message, ‘Everyone Deserves A Snow Day.’  The campaign features a website conceived and designed by Wexley: , with an assortment of fun but useful tools that enable visitors to the website to petition their boss for their very own snow day.

This is Wexley’s second year of campaigns for Copper Mountain (recent hosts of the U.S. Snowboarding Grand Prix, and Shaun White’s ‘double cork’). This season the agency / client drive to generate more sales has been a big success, with September-December 2009 online sales 35% up over the same period in 2008.

Pete Woods, marketing director for the resort, says, “Copper Mountain is doing something unconventional in a conventional category. We’re bringing fun and sexy back to the winter sports marketplace: That’s what it should be about. Wexley works well with us because we want non-traditional work and their sense of humor is really important.”

Woods continued, “Skiers and snowboarders have always been online savvy. This year the industry realized that social media isn’t just taking the 30-second ad you had on a local cable channel and posting it to YouTube. With Wexley, we’ve been able to generate unique viral content.  For example, the Ski Patrol Name Generator (on the website) has been really strong virally. We’ve taken this cool material and quickly re-Tweeted it.  We developed the mustache-generator on FaceBook, so you can mustache someone and post it instantly on to their gallery.  We’re making it super-easy for people to make the content viral.”

Wexley co-founder/creative director Cal McAllister, says, “Traditional media is simply not the only answer for Copper Mountain. Just 5% of their spend goes to campaign components like radio ads or local billboards. We use those to support a bigger idea, but in this category the marketing effort must be interactive to help push the deals at the resort and generate web content that people are excited to share.  ‘Everyone Deserves A Snow Day’ is easy for people to understand. Our goal was to empower people to go ask their boss for a snow day, and it was natural to attach a sales message.”

“Social media makes sense for a ski resort because skiers and boarders often decide that day if they are going to the mountain. We made it easy to check for conditions, or we feed it to them. Now Copper sends a Tweet that says ‘We got dumped on.  Get up here now for a 10% discount’.  Social media is incomparably more immediate, so it’s the foundation of our campaign.”


The Snow Day Soundboard on features sound effects like nose blowing and hacking coughs, audio to assist employees create a phone call requesting a sick day (snow day). There’s also a doctor’s note to download, while a ‘White Lies’ board lists suggestions and entries, with the prize of two nights plus lift passes for the best White Lier.  The ‘Ski Patrol Name Generator’ feature was posted on REI’s Facebook page, generating thousands of new name creations for individuals across the country in just one day. 


Other campaign components included six 1-minute web videos, a popular ‘Mustache Me’ feature on the website, and three highly successful promotional events by the Ski Patrol (actually a group of improv actors) in New York, Kansas City, and Dallas. Not only did the public interact with the patrol, impromptu media coverage spiked sales in the respective cities. The Ski Patrol’s visit to New York got them on ABC’s Early Show, as well as a musical close encounter with the Naked Cowboy in Times Square.  Pete Woods says, “I’ve never done a street-team with anything where we were able to get away with as much as we did with this campaign.”  (Video footage is on the website).

About Wexley School for Girls
Partners and creative directors Ian Cohen and Cal McAllister founded Seattle-based Wexley School for Girls in 2003 with a philosophy: solve marketing problems before media is purchased then purchase the right media for the solution. Today, Wexley uses a mix of integrated approaches, from viral, guerrilla and interactive to traditional media, to enlighten and entertain a target customer. Clients include Microsoft, Brooks Running, TBS and Pepsi.