Ski the Lincoln Memorial: Record snow slams D.C. & Mid-Atlantic

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on February 5, 2010 12:49 pm

First off, all respect due one of America’s greatest men, President Abraham Lincoln.  But, somebody is gonna have to make a first descent.

You think of first descents in terms of Alaskan fall-you-die lines — like snowboard legend Dave Hatchett’s first descent of the Mendenhall Towers.  To be first is the only name that goes in the record book.

D.C. has shut down.  They’re making a snwoman at the entrance of the National Mall.  A record 30″ of snow is predicted for the DC Area, which would match the biggest on record.  Overnight, snow is expected to accumulate at 1-2″ an hour.  The storm is not expected to break until Saturday evening at which time unskiable lines will be skiable.

A first descent of the steps of the Lincoln Memorial would be legendary. And the window to achieve this career defining moment will be large.  The record snow is expected to be followed by a long period of seriously cold temps.  Coldest of the year.  Ski blades, whatever, a first descent of the Lincoln Memorial’s steps would serve as entry into the hallowed halls of first descanters like Doug Coombs, Anselme Baud, and Mr. Hatchett.

photo by vpickering

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