Lindsey Vonn SI Cover a controversy of pose & letter placement

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on February 6, 2010 1:45 pm

For those who guessed “Lindsey Vonn on the cover of Sports Illustrated” in the first controversy of the 2010 Winter Olympics, collect your payout now at 200-1.

Some folks would say all pub is good pub, but Tiger Woods might beg to differ.  I’m thinking’ this “controversy” is nothing but good for Lindsey Vonn.  If you’re not in tune with the blogosphere, there’s been much digital bits dedicated to the topic of Lindsey Vonn’s pose and glam girl makeup on the cover of SI.  Anyone with a bit of testosterone, or an eye for not-so-sly media techniques, can see that the pose is, uh, you know…

Lost in all the discussion is how lucky skiing is to have a woman who is both the greatest female ski racer of all time, and an angel of beauty.  Thank the holy genetics creation for Lindsey Vonn.

Katie Baker of decried the cover as “absurd.”  It’s also been pointed out the exact placement of the buttocks and the U, was no accident on SI’s part.  Check the cover of AJ Kitt from 1992. 

Of course, the Kitt cover registered not a blip on the controversy scale, but Vonn’s has caused a big online debate.  Even Deadspin is on the case.  Lindsey Vonn, our skiing superstar, is in the midst of crossing over to a pop culture superstar.

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