The Dragon Alliance

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 6, 2010 2:55 pm

I never realized how important goggles were on a powder day until mine failed. When your’e out for face shots all day, your designer Gucci shades may look good, but you need something that functions. Not that I was wearing Gucci shades this white-out day (or do I even own a pair), but I am saying the goggles I did wear were my ‘Gucci of gogs.’ They did not perform.

That fine white-out day a few weeks ago, I was wearing my newly purchased Zebra Dragon DSX’s. About two runs in, there was moisture build up and no amount of anti-fog cloth could clear them. On my fifth run I was virtualy blind. I could not see my own hand out in front of me. We went up chair 3 at Mammoth, which takes you near the top, in white-out conditions and I sat on the chairlift like a blind man thinking, “My god, how am I going to get down?” (A thought I haven’t had since my early days of skiing). After 20 minutes of guidance and an extreme case of dizzying vertigo, I pronounced my day over due to my goggles!

In frustration, I went straight to my computer back at the house and e-mailed Dragon. I spent some good money to not only look cool but to make sure I never miss a powder day due to equipment failure. As I searched for a contact online I was taken to the Dragon Alliance page. “Some alliance” I thought. I found a contact and sent my frustrated e-mail in full rage. Less than half an hour later was a surprisingly refreshing response from Aaron Behle, global general manager. He apologized profusely and asked for my mailing address. Five days later I came home from work to find two brand new 2010 DSXs on my doorstep with a note explaining that they take their product very seriously and that all they ask is to return the old ones so they can asses the problem so it does not happen again.

The Dragon Alliance folks is not just a branding term, it’s a mindset. Not only do I remain a loyal customer but I hope more enthusiasts get my word and choose a goggle that stands behind its name. Go Dragon.