U.S. sees seven qualify for finals in Canmore, the classic cross-country sprint race

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on February 6, 2010 2:23 pm

Torin Koos (Leavenworth, WA) led six of his U.S. teammates into sprint finals Saturday in Canmore, qualifying second and finishing 11th during the season’s final World Cup competition prior to the 2010 Olympics. World Championship silver medalist Kikkan Randall (Anchorage) finished 10th.

Emil Joensson of Sweden won the men’s sprint, followed in second by Norway’s John Kristian Dahl in second and Dario Cologna of Switzerland in third. Andy Nerell (Shaftsbury, VT) was second in line for U.S. finishes, coming in 18th. During the first World Cup of his career, Simi Hamilton (Aspen, CO) went back-to-back with Garrott Kuzzy (Minneapolis, MN), finishing 28th and 29th, respectively, and Chris Cook (Rhinelander, WI) finished 30th.

In the women’s sprint Justyna Kowalczyk moved up a notch from her previous day’s finish during the sprint for a win. Sweden’s Ida Ingemarsdotter was second and Canada’s Sara Renner was third. Holly Brooks (Anchorage) followed Randall for the U.S. in 28th, landing in the points during her second World Cup.

With the World Cup wrapped up, athletes now move on to another Canadian province – Vancouver, for the start of the 2010 Games on Feb. 12.

1. Emil Joensson, Sweden
2. John Kristian Dahl, Norway
3. Dario Cologna, Switzerland
4. Bjoern Lind, Sweden
5. Nikolay Chebotko, Kazakhstan
11. Torin Koos, Leavenworth, WA
18. Andy Newell, Shaftsbury, VT
28. Simi Hamilton, Aspen, CO
29. Garrott Kuzzy, Minneapolis, MN
30. Chris Cook, Rhinelander, WI
40. Kris Freeman, Andover, NH
45. Mike Hinckley, Anchorage, AK
62. Mike Sinnott, Sun Valley, ID
69. Brian Gregg, Winthrop, WA
70. Reese Hanneman, Fairbanks, AK

1. Justyna Kowalcyk, Poland
2. Ida Ingemarsdotter, Sweden
3. Sarah Renner, Canada
4. Katerina Smunta, Austria
5. Katarinne Bjellaanes, Norway
10. Kikkan Randall, Anchorage
28. Holly Brooks, Anchorage, AK
36. Laura Valaas, Anchorage, AK
45. Kristina Trygstad-Saari, Bozeman, MT
47. Nicole Deyong, Ketchum, ID
49. Caitlin Compton, Minneapolis, MN
51. Katie Ronsse, Anchorage, AK
60. Rebecca Rorabaugh, Anchorage, AK

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