Want some old whiskey…really old whiskey

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on February 6, 2010 8:41 am

Thirsty for some good whiskey?  Have a hankering to go ski the Ellsworth Mountains?  Want to be a part of history?  Well belly up to the bar…or should we say put on your expedition gear?  Remember Ernest Shackleton?  He was the guy who starred in all those Ernest movies.  Remember Ernest goes to camp?  Ernest goes to Hollywood?  Wait a minute – that was Jim Varney.  Ernest Shackleton was the dude who wrote the book on thrill seeking by trans atlantic’ing it to get to the South Pole.  (There was no $99 Southwest Airline flights back then.)

Anywho towards the end of his life, he was known to partake in the juice a wee bit.  And not the kind that every homerun kind in the last 20 years has been taking.  We are talking Whiskey!  And guess what, Shackleton’s whiskey has been found from the abandoned 1909 trip to the South Pole.  Do the math, that is over 100 years of aging with a unique chilling process that is sure to bring all the flavavoids.

Are you going to be able to get a glass at the Laka Nuki in Mammoth Mountain…I don’t think so as international treaties don’t allow artifacts to be taken out of Antarctica. 

Soooo… get your gear on – we’re going to Antarctica!