Was Todd Palin the Wizard of AK

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on February 6, 2010 8:40 am

Per AOL news and NBC, Todd Palin the snowmobile stud rider who has won some big races, had a lot deeper role  in Governatoring than the public had been led to believe.  After perusing some 1200 emails, the state of Alaska turned over to NBC News, it seems Mr. Snowmobile had his hands in all kinds of stuff.

Hows aboutie union deals, yea or nea on state board appointments and even an involvement in a judicial appointment.  Todd Palin the Wizard of AK?  Who’d a thunk it?  We pictured him shussing fall lines in Alyeska and hanging the moose his lovely wife so brazenly decided to shoot and kill with a high powered rifle. 

There are supposedly another 250 emails that are being withheld that show Todd Palin directly making decisions.  Among the subject lines were “media questions about Todd Palin’s work and potential conflict of interests,” “strategy for responding to media allegations” and “strategy for responding to questions about pregnancy.”