Sports Illustrated’s predictions on the Olympic Nordic Combined

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on February 7, 2010 9:33 am

Every two years, “Sports Illustrated” predicts the medalists of Olympic Games in all disciplines. Also this year: From February 12th, Vancouver is the center of the winter sports world, on February 14th the first Nordic Combined competition takes place in the Whistler Olympic Park.

Here are the predictions of “Sports Illustrated” for the nordic combined:

Normal hill, 10 km (February, 14th):
1. Jason Lamy Chappuis (FRA), 2. Magnus Moan (NOR), 3. Felix Gottwald (AUT)

Large hill, 10 km (February, 23rd):
1. Bill Demong (USA), 2. Jason Lamy Chappuis (FRA), 3. Eric Frenzel (GER)

Team Event (February, 25th):
1. USA, 2. Germany, 3. Norway

Most noticable in this list: Germany is second again in the team competition, just like at the last six major events, Finland wins no medal, although Hannu Manninen will take part in all three competitions, and many other favorites – Bjoern Kircheisen, Tino Edelmann, Mario Stecher, Todd Lodwick, Johnny Spillane, Alessandro Pittin, Pavel, Churavy, Petter Tande, Hannu Manninen, Anssi Koivuranta, Akito Watabe, Norihito Kobayashi and so on – will not be on the podium. Of course, there’s only room for three.