Tomaz Druml and Austrian’s sweep the FIS Nordic Combined Continental Cup

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on February 7, 2010 6:41 am

Austria sweeps podium with Druml, Klapfer and Pichlmayer
EISENERZ (AUT), 7 February 2010 – Tomaz Druml, who has won also Saturday’s competition, won the FIS Nordic Combined Continental Cup event in front of team-mates Lukas Klapfer and Marco Pichlmayer in Eisenerz today.
An other Austrian athlete, Thomas Egger Riedmueller, was on top spot after the ski jumping portion. He had an advantage of 10 seconds against second placed Wolfgang Bosel (GER) and 30 seconds against fifth placed Druml.
The 11th fastest time was good enough for Druml to move into first spot, 8.3 seconds in front of Klapfer and 12.7 seconds ahead of Pichlmayer. Fastest on the track was, we may say: as always, Frenchman Florian Pinel (25:26.2) who finished 23rd overall after his poor jumping attempt (57th place).

The Continental Cup will go on with two competitions in Kranj (SLO) next weekend.
Today’s top three:
1. Tomaz Druml (AUT)                                     119.0 points (5.)/26:16.5 (11.)    26:45.5
2. Lukas Klapfer (AUT)                                    109.5 points (20.)/25:46.8 (2.)      +8.3
3. Marco Pichlmayer (AUT)                             110.5 points (18.)/25:55.2 (4.)      +12.7

Overall standing:

1. Tomaz Druml (AUT) 560, 2. Benjamin Kreiner (AUT) 461, 3. Christian Beetz (GER) 381, 4. Tobias Kammerlander (AUT) 296, 5. Nicolas Martin (FRA) 237, 6. Marco Pichlmayer (AUT).