A look at the 2010 Winter Dew Tour Award winners

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 8, 2010 4:09 pm

With the completion of the Winter Dew Tour at Mount Snow this past weekend, the events marked not only the completion of the Toyota Championship, but the overall contest circuit. As sad as it is for the contest festivities to be over for another year, it was time to party for these hard-working athletes at the latest installment of the Winter Dew Tour Awards.

Beginning with the Dew Cup issued within each discipline, these riders would walk away with a hefty $25,000 for earning this prestigious drinking device.


Freeski Superpipe: Jossi Wells

Freeski Slopestyle: Andreas Hatveit

Men’s SNB Slopestyle: Sage Kotsenburg

Men’s SNB Superpipe: JJ Thomas

Girl’s SNB Slopestyle: Jamie Anderson

Girl’s SNB Superpipe: Kaitlyn Farrington


In addition to these top competitive honors, there was a handful of other special awards presented to the circuit’s athletes.

The prestigious Athlete of the Year award is given to the top point-earning male and female competitor within the 6 disciplines during the 2009-2010 Winter Dew Tour competition. In no surprise it was the smooth Norwegian skier Andreas Hatveit who took a nice $5,000 bonus in addition to his Dew Cup. No wonder he is always smiling! For the ladies it was the always high-flying Jamie Anderson for her work on the slopestyle course.

Male Athlete of the Year: Andreas Haveit

Female Athlete of the Year: Jamie Anderson

Next up on the awards agenda was passing out the bestowed Rookie of the Year awards to the top point-earners in both skiing and snowboarding. For the skiers, this was a little bit of a shocker, as Dew Cup winner and Athlete of the Year, Andreas Hatveit, earned the ski rookie title as he was hurt during the inaugural year of the tour. Pretty funny to see Hatveit labelled a rookie, but I think he’ll take it along with the additional prize money.

On the snowboard side of things, this was an award that you saw coming a mile away. Dew Cup Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle winner Sage Kotsenburg would take the hardware for his stunning rookie performance. Huge things coming for the 16-year-old fresh out of Park City, UT.

Ski Rookie of the Year: Andreas Hatveit

Snowboard Rookie of the Year: Sage Kotsenburg

After the Rookie awards was Trick of the Year -  Given to the athlete who performed the single best trick throughout the three-stop Winter Dew Tour season.

Iceland’s Halldor Helgasson, 19, dropped a flawless double cork frontside 1080 at the Breckenridge stop to earn the coveted award.

Trick of the Year: Haldor Helgasson

The PowerBar Performance of the Year is given out to highlight a single great performance by an athlete that may be either the highest score or one that was clutch under pressure when it was needed most.

Mike Riddle would take this award for his gutsy performance in Breckenridge where he put down a huge, technical second run that allowed him to rise through the field and win the event.

PowerBar Performance of the Year: Mike Riddle

The last award of the evening would be the Breakthrough Athlete of the Year – Voted on by the athletes, which recognizes an athlete whose contest work surpasses expectations.

Swiss Armada Skis rider Elias Ambuhl came in new to the Winter Dew Tour as an Open Qualifier. As a Tour rookie, Ambuhl showed his consistency and finished seventh overall. His body of work would be enough to impress his fellow athletes, notching him the award.

Breakthrough Athlete of the Year: Elias Ambuhl


Congratulations are in order for not only these award-winning athletes, but to all competitors on the 2009-2010 Winter Dew Tour. Be sure to stay tuned to AlliSports for the next round of the contest series dropping next December.