Colorado skier Gus Kenworthy earns ‘Toyota Tricktopsy’ Big Air victory at Winter Dew Tour

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 8, 2010 4:50 pm

Even though the Freeski Superpipe and Slopestyle finals had wrapped under Mount Snow’s watchful eye, the Winter Dew Tour still played host to one more freeski event before slamming the door shut on the tour’s ski competition.

Toyota and Real Player teamed up to give the 33,000 visitors to Mount Snow one last taste of skiing “eye candy” for the year with the Toyota Tricktopsy Big Air event. The venue for the event was simply the bottom “money” booter prominently featured on the slopestyle course.

Eight competitors were selected for this event including the likes of X Games champion Bobby Brown, Jossi Wells, and Tom Wallisch among others. Unfortunately, the competitors didn’t feel especially competitive given the flat-light, wind, and overall sense of the tour being over.

Barring that, these skiers still wanted to put on a good show to the crowd. After agreeing to simply split the $5,000 prize purse, all 8 skiers could simply relax and throw down under a laid-back vibe.

Gus Kenworthy would be the lucky victor with a beautiful cork 900 nose to tail grab. For those at home a little confused on what that means, Kenworthy spun off-axis two-and-a-half times and shifted his hand from grabbing the tip of his skis in the front, to the tail on the very back of his planks. The maneuver is exceedingly difficult, yet Kenworthy made it look effortless.

Other notable tricks included the double cork 1080 and 1260 mute grab from Bobby Brown, Tom Wallisch’s “blunt” game on his ultra-grabbed 540s, or Dew Cup champion Jossi Wells and his rodeo 5s.

Wanting to end the contest on a fun note, the competitors all launched the jump in succession doing everything from old-style mogul moves to the McConkey-tribute “laid out” backflips.