Olympic snowboard half pipe at Cypress Mountain almost complete despite tricky weather

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 8, 2010 3:45 pm

There was certainly no shortage of nay-sayers who believed it couldn’t be done, but it now appears that the Winter Olympic Snowboard and Freestyle Ski competitions will go on as planned at Cypress Mountain beginning in only a few short days.

The effects of “El Nino” had reared its ugly head on the British Columbia-based resort, and unseasonal temperatures had threatened the events with a possible venue re-location. However, thanks to a slightly better weather system, and the tremendous efforts of the event crews, it now appears their hard work is going to pay off.

Recently, it was confirmed by FIS that the moguls course used by the upcoming freestyle skiing competitions had finished construction. Now it appears that another piece of snow construction has also been miraculously finished, the all-important Olympic-sized half pipe, used by the world’s top snowboarders.

The 500-foot-long half pipe is just now seeing its finishing touches, and will soon be ready for the Olympians to dominate in starting on February 17th with the men’s pipe competition. A round of applause is in order to the team at Arena Snowparks for their tireless construction efforts.