US Ski Team insider says Lindsey Vonn will ski in the Olympic Games

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on February 11, 2010 9:20 am

Uber respected US Ski and Snowboard VP of Communications, Tom Kelly says that he believes that Lindsey Vonn will ski in this years Olympic Games.  We asked the question, he simply responded “yes.”  Vonn is clearly the “it” girl at the Olympics Games this year with sponsors, fans and TV officials all banking on her success.

While muckrakers have had a field day with snow conditions and a Vonn-less Olympics, insiders like Kelly are calling “Booyaa” as snow conditions are great in the pipe and at Cypress.  “VANOC has done a magnificent job in moving snow onto the moguls and aerials courses,” said Kelly.  “It is at least two meters deep judging by the depth along the sides of the course.  As the skiers came down the steep pitch, you could hear the edges carving into the icy moguls. This was an Olympic ready course – the best we’ve had here in the past two years, according to coaches.”

As per the Vonn injury, she herself has made it clear that she is not in a good way.  “I have not skied since my injury a week ago and don’t know how it’s going to feel. I’ve tried just putting my boot on in my hotel room and I can tell you it’s excruciatingly painful,” Vonn said. “So I’m hoping that tomorrow when I get on skis things will be OK but honestly I have no idea. I’m trying to stay positve obviously still doing therapy and I guess tomorrow we’ll see how things are going to be shaping up.”

The US Ski and Snowboard squad has one of the most capable teams of experts in the world keeping their athletes on the track, so there is no doubt that Vonn will be getting the best possible advice and the best possible care.

Web viewers of late have been floored by the Lyndsey Vonn Swimsuit Edition shots.  Vonn is nothing short of stunning in the pictorial and video.  Kudo’s to SI for bringing out the sex appeal of this stunning athlete.