Stacey Cook says she will race in the Olympics

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on February 12, 2010 3:35 pm

US Ski Team rock star Stacey Cook says that she will race in the Downhill on the 17th despite her accident yesterday.  “I will be racing for sure.  I came here with a job to do and the fact that I had a wreck is not going to detour my plans,” said Cook.  “Granted I am really sore all over, but I have 5 days to get myself together and I am going to do this.  A ski racer needs confidence and I have it.”

Cook dumped into the netting during a training run at speed and was airlifted out for observation.  “I don’t remember too much, but I know that I was trying to get them to let me ski down and I kept telling them to save my spot,” said Cooke.  This course was well suited for Cooks style and she certainly is a contender.

Cooks friend and ski team partner, Lindsey Vonn has said she will be skiing as well even though she is in severe pain from a recent accident that bruised her shin.

To all those who know both Cook and Vonn…know sweet, hardworking, wonderful people.  They will both have a lot of fans pulling for them. 

There is also a chance that Cook could ski in the Super G.  But that every is on the 14th, so there is a lot less time to freshen up.