Continental Cup Nordic Combined results point to Austria

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on February 13, 2010 9:57 am

World’s finest Nordic Combined athletes are in Canada competing at the Olympic Winter Games, in Europe, however, the Continental Cup goes on.
Today, Austria’s Lukas Klapfer won the first competition in Kranj (SLO). After the ski jumping portion, he was in sixth spot. With the third fastest time on the track, Klapfer was able to change a 20 second disadvantage against half time leader Nicolas Martin (FRA) in a 14.6 second lead. Martin came in second.
Fastest on the cross-country course was Tomaz Druml. The Austrian, who is leading the the COC overall standing, got only 18th place in the ski jumping but surpassed 15 competitors to finish third. The last one, team-mate Marco Pichlmayer, was beaten on the finish line in the sprint for bronze.
The Continental Cup will go on with a second competition in Kranj tomorrow.
Today’s top three:
1. Lukas Klapfer (AUT)      123.5 points (6.)/22:42.1 (3.)    23:02.1
2. Nicolas Martin (FRA)     128.5 points (1.)/23:16.7 (13.)      +14.6
3. Tomaz Druml (AUT)       113.8 points (18.)/22:20.6 (1.)      +17.5